DIY Floor Plan made it easy for me to get my trade show floor plan online in no time. And whenever I need to make changes, I just do it. I don't need to contact them and wait for them to do it.

Patrick Hammer
Our World Underwater

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Most of our customers use our website so they have full control over everything. Some prefer that we do the work for them. Whatever your preference, we're very happy to work with you.

Our services include:

  • Interactive Floor Plan Designer
    Includes: Access to floor plan designer software where you can design the floor plan, enter in booth details (name, address, etc.), set booth statuses (available, occupied, pending) and make the floor plan available to visitors.
    - 1 Floor Plan - $799
    - Bulk pricing - Contact us
    - Reseller pricing - Contact us

  • Design Services
    Includes any of the following services: Drawing floor plan, placing booths on floor plan, entering booth details and updating booth statuses.
    - $75 per hour

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